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Officer Abigail Arias 758

This past weekend Executive Director, James Blevins and Board Member Retired US Army Captain, Pete Norton had a special presentation at Lamar University to honor Abigail Arias.

Abigail Arias was an agent for good and is now an Angel. Abigail taught us: to live life to the fullest, to never give up hope no matter the odds, to fight “the bad guys” passionately, and most importantly, to love one another- and always Stay Relentless. Abigail lit up any room she entered, and people were naturally drawn to her infectious smile and outgoing personality. Diagnosed at age 4 with cance, after treatments and chemotherapy, she was in remission. However, a few short months later, the cancer was back and more aggressive.

Abigail was signed to an Honorary Softball Scholarship to Lamar University on March 16, 2019. She was the glue between the team and the new coaches. Abigail was full of life and loved being surrounded by her softball sisters. She hung in the dugout, ate lots of bubble gum, and reminded each of us that softball is way more than a game. The people we meet and the memories we create last forever. Abigail Arias became a part of our family and remains a part of who we are as a program.

The 7-year-old dreamed of being a police officer and was sworn into the Freeport Police Department: February 7, 2019, by Chief Raymond Garivey. “Her terrific smile and will keep fighting the ‘bad guys’ inside of her — I wanted to make her dream come true,” said Garivey, “You have to meet her to really understand what a great and inspiring young lady she is.” Abigail was sworn in as an honorary Freeport officer becoming, Officer Arias 758, where she promised to protect and serve her community and sealed it with a warm hug from Garivey

The 4 the Heroes Foundation was formed in 2013 to honor the military, first responders, and their families for the sacrifices, made by them, their loved ones, and so many others. While 4 the Heroes provides unique recovery services to those who are healing, the main purpose is to honor the brave men and women who protect our great country and its freedoms. We are committed to assisting those who have been wounded in their service with their recovery and more importantly, making sure those who paid the ultimate price will Never Be Forgotten.

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